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Originally Aired: 

23 January 2021

Newsletter Released:

1 February 2021

The webinar panel featured president Joshua Ogawa, vice president Mabel Heenan, GSA president Giovanni Gollotti, and CASSY therapist Corinna Sales. All speakers shared their views on different relationships, and included wildcat wisdom on maintaining stable relationships. Each different relationship section covered in the webinar and newsletter addresses the specifics of relationships, giving advice on how to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy relationships as well as maintain and grow relationships, using advice from people who have gone through these very experiences.



Come back soon to see the data and response from our monthly survey!

Purple International Children's Book Day


Originally Aired: 

14 November 2020

Newsletter Released:

30 November 2020

Our fourth webinar, Joshua and Mabel host Mr. McKee (Guidance), Mr. Clark (Teacher), Ben Hopner ('12) and Binat Gousinov ('18) in discussing the effects of college stress and planning for life after high school.



Come back soon to see the data and response from our monthly survey!

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Originally Aired: 

29 August 2020

Newsletter Released:

23 October 2020

Our third webinar with the From Survivors For Survivor Team. Abby, Maddie, Sasha, and Mabel discuss the effects of sexual assault on mental health.



Because of the timing of the survey and our integration into the LG system,

there is not data or responses for us to share.

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Originally Aired:

8 August 2020

Newsletter Released:

16 October 2020

Our second webinar about returning to online school.



The good: More sleep, school from home, no traffic/travel issues



Originally Aired:

11 July 2020

Newsletter Released:

10 October 2020

Revisit our first ever webinar and watch special guest Casey Kamali, Joshua Ogawa, Quinn Fafard, Prajeet Mohan, Cait Nguyen, Mabel Heenan, and Yuna Shegai discuss the impact on Lockdown on Mental Health.



Cats to Cats is a peer-to-peer organization. The students on staff are not qualified to give advice or assist directly with any of the mental health issues presented. All informational and educational content is from widely-accepted sources and the testimonies of individuals featured and interviewed. More information on any of the sources or individuals can be found on this page or on our website. The information cited does not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, or policies of the Cats to Cats Team or Los Gatos High School. 

Students can seek on-campus professional help from our contracted mental health provider CASSY, or view our Cats to Cats Therapy Information page for information on outside organizations. In addition, crisis hotlines are listed on our website.

In addition, if we receive any information involving potential or real harm to self or others, we are legally required to report the incident, which can lead to potential intervention by school or other authorities. The person who contacted us and/or the person's parents will be contacted to verify that the student's parents are aware of the situation and/or that the student is under the care of a professional.

In case of a criminal report, or when in doubt, please contact WeTip at 1-800-78-crime. WeTip receives anonymous and confidential reports and follows up with potential crimes. We encourage all students to be upstanders instead of bystanders when they witness or are the victims of wrongdoing.


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